About Us


If you took Disney World, Dave & Buster's, San Diego Comic-con, E3 and threw them all in a blender, what you would get is the Game Room. The Game Room will be a large format modern gaming center for gamers of all skill levels who prefer to play titles on any of the major consoles, PC, or mobile.  It will be focused on amazing video game experiences for all with a convention like atmosphere.  The Game Room will host live events and provide the opportunity for it's guests to take part in really immersive experiences like video game tournaments and cosplay competitions.  

The Game Room Club is the online club and companion to the Game Room physical locations. With our desktop and mobile apps our community of gamers and cosplayers can participate in curated events, share their content, earn virtual recognition and badges that will provide real world benefits and more.  Members of The Game Room Club will always be connected with news and activities at their local Game Room and other Game Room communities around the world!

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